Introducing: Chakra Bath

New Beginnings

After nearly five and a half years of running The Crystal Cult, we decided to suspend vape sales. We did this for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we only want to sell something we truly believe in and want to be a part of improving peoples’ lives. In the early days, we helped people find a healthier alternative to cigarettes, and then we made it cool for girls to smoke weed.

The way crystals are incorporated into our lives has changed, so we desired to create a new product that came from an authentic place. Over time I struggled to find my creativity with the brand for many reasons. With the original Cult, selling handmade products of that kind became exhausting over time.

Now we begin a new chapter in wellness for us as we introduce Chakra Bath. A crystal-infused bath bomb collection for Chakra realignment. We know not all crystals belong in water and some of the ingredients in the bath bomb could even harm the crystal. So inside your bath bomb a waterproof plastic container safely contains the crystal and protects it from the bath bomb’s ingredients as well as keeping it out of the water. It is important to recycle this case and keep your crystal above water. Each crystal has been charged by the moon and is paired with an essential oil for balancing each chakra.

Drop one in. Visualize the color. Repeat the mantra.